How do I use Ploom X Advanced?

If it's your first time using Ploom X Advanced, we've made it easy for you.

Here's how to use Ploom X Advanced:

1. Slide the cover open.

2. Push the stick in up to the line, making sure that the printed line is aligned with the top of the device. The ventilation holes should be invisible.

3. Press and hold the button area until Ploom X Advanced vibrates. You'll be able to see your heating progress on the light strip.

4. When Ploom X Advanced is ready to go, the light strip will flash with two short vibrations.

5. Enjoy your Ploom moment.

6. When you've got 20 seconds left, Ploom X Advanced will vibrate and the light strip will pulse slowly. Once you feel one long vibration, your session is finished.

Here's a bit more about how to use Ploom X Advanced.

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