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What is Ploom X Advanced?

Ploom X Advanced is a unique combination of rich taste, refined HeatFlow technology, and personalized style – all coming together to deliver ultimate heated tobacco experience. Discover the modern choice, in today’s modern world.

What is Ploom X Advanced?
Beauty and Performance
Powerful technology, tamed in a beautiful, flowing design.
Simply Touch to Start
Smooth, button-free tech brings effortless simplicity. We call it IntuiTouch.
Built to Last
Premium materials for a premium finish, and a device that will stand the test of time. The aluminium body protects the HeatFlow technology inside.
Fits into Your Life
An ergonomic pebble shape for the perfect fit in your palm. Ploom X Advanced is compact enough for you to take it everywhere.
Less Loose Tobacco
Ploom X Advanced leaves behind minimal loose tobacco after each use.
Clean in Seconds
Ploom X Advanced takes just 5 seconds to clean. There’s no need to take the device apart, and no hassle.
Fast Heating
Ploom X Advanced reaches the optimal temperature in moments. It only takes 25 seconds from powering on, to first puff.
20 Sessions Per Charge
Enjoy up to 20 uses per charge. Ploom X Advanced is always ready to go when you are.
Discover HeatFlow Technology
HeatFlow technology generates our highest heat yet. Sustaining the optimal temperature throughout your session, for ultimate tobacco pleasure from first puff to last. 
Designed for Airflow
Ploom X Advanced allows smooth, easy airflow around the stick while it heats. For better heating and a richer taste.
Pleasant Aroma
Because Ploom X Advanced is designed to heat the tobacco, there’s minimal charring on the stick. That means no smoke and less tobacco smell.
Ploom X Advanced Speaks to You
Ploom X Advanced is intuitive and easy to use. With responsive LEDs that tell you when your session is about to start or finish, when Ploom X Advanced needs charging, and more. It’s like it can talk to you.
X Is for Expression
Express yourself with our range of eye-catching removable front panels. 
Select Your Style
Customize your heated tobacco experience. Start by choosing a device color, then explore our range of beautiful front panel colors. For the final touch, match your device with stylish accessories. Ploom X Advanced is yours to personalize.
Protect your Ploom X Advanced device
Keep your Ploom device safe from marks and scratches with a beautiful back cover or carry case.
Accessories for Every Moment
Whether it’s something to match your sense of style, something practical for when you’re on the go, or something to make life more convenient when at home or in the car… There’s a Ploom accessory for you.

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