How do I charge Ploom X Advanced?

If you're wondering how to charge Ploom X Advanced, don't worry - it's really easy.

 Here's a guide to charging Ploom X Advanced: 

1. Plug your Ploom X Advanced in.

2. If your battery's empty, it'll be fully charged in around 90 minutes.

3. You'll be able to see your charging progress on the LED display. Once it's fully lit up, it means Ploom X Advanced is almost ready.

4. Here's how to know when Ploom X Advanced is fully charged: when it's ready to go, the LED will turn off.

Want to know how long to charge Ploom X Advanced for on average? We recommend you leave it for at least 90 minutes to get the best out of Ploom X Advanced. To find out more about charging Ploom X Advanced, watch our video.

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