Can I buy accessories for Ploom X Advanced?

Yes. Ploom X Advanced was designed to move with you throughout your day, and our range of Ploom X Advanced accessories is no different. 

We offer a wide variety of eye-catching front panel colors so you can personalize your device and express your uniqueness. You can protect your device and keep your essentials organized with our stylish back covers  and carry cases.

Disposing of sticks and cleaning your device couldn't be easier. We have large stick tray to keep in your car or on your desk. Plus, we offer Ploom X Advanced cleaning sticks, which keep your device spotlessly clean and performing at its best. 

When it's time to power up your Ploom, you can charge and keep it handy at the same time with our chargers. We offer a USB-C charger and wall adaptor for easy recharging.

To find out more about our collection of accessories, have a look at our accessories page or browse our online shop.

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