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Ploom Device Launch - An evening that sets the standard for a unique experience


Welcome to the world where innovation and authenticity meet! Ploom, a new player on the heated tobacco market, proudly presented its newest product to the Serbian market. The launch of this unique device is not only a step forward for the brand, but also for all those who crave the best and want to indulge in the authentic experience provided by Ploom.


The Evening with Stars

The presentation of Ploom devices at the Belgrade Fair was an evening that introduced the future, with musical and stage accompaniment that evoked the energy of the new era that Ploom brings.

Zdravko Čolić's performance reminded everyone present that tradition and modernity go hand in hand when it comes to durability and relevance, while the Philharmonic and Big Band added a special dimension to this unique event with their sophisticated tones.

This evening was not only in the spirit of music and technology; it was an evening where style, modernity and uniqueness met. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy interactive exhibits that showcased the evolution of the Ploom brand, exploring how the traditional experience of tobacco consumption is being transformed into something entirely new and exciting.

Ploom: Innovation in action

Ploom is not just a device; innovative HEATFLOWTM technology offers an experience without smoke and ash, allowing users to feel the experience of consuming heated tobacco in all its fullness, but in a more advanced and modern way. After a successful launch in 14 markets on a global level, Ploom provides an opportunity for adult consumers in Serbia to get acquainted with the authentic experience it brings.

From the California dream to Japanese perfectionism

Ploom began its journey from the Golden Coast to the Land of the Rising Sun as a startup in California, where it quickly became synonymous with a revolutionary approach to tobacco processing and consumption. Born from a vision to create a less harmful way of consuming tobacco, Ploom set out in search of a technology that releases full flavor and aroma, but without burning. 

This venture led to the creation of the first version of the device, which later was improved in Japan, becoming unique and setting standards in providing authentic taste, without smoke, ash and with less unpleasant odors.

Ploom: Synonymous with elegance and quality

Ploom is a brand that stands behind every product with unquestionable elegance and quality. The evening of the launch of Ploom devices on the Serbian market was more than a product presentation; it was a demonstration of the future.

Do you want to be part of this revolution and step into a new era that brings a unique way of consuming tobacco products?

Visit one of our seven modern Ploom zones, where you can get all the extra information, with a smile, a cup of coffee and a treat “to go”. Of course, Ploom is always a click away from you. You can find out everything about our brand, products and accessories online, from the comfort of your home. Step into the world of Ploom!

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